Staten Island to Central Park through 5 boroughs and over 5 bridges! Printed at Kayrock Screenprinting and designed by artist and marathon finisher Karl LaRocca, this incredibly detailed new york metro area map of the 2013 NYC Marathon route was printed with three individual passes of waterbased screenprinting ink in our North Brooklyn studio which just happens to overlook the marathon halfway point on the Polaski Bridge.


Fits in a standard size frame you can buy anywhere. This map is printed on 100% recycled 100lb French "Aged Newsprint" Paper milled with hydroelectric power.

3 NOV 2013 / 42.195 km

Ok, so the route is marked every 5km. Why? We like the metric system, plus that's where the timing mats are along the course. Anyway, you already know how many miles a marathon is, right?

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